About The Candidate


Philadelphia, PA

Work Experience

Solutions Architect, Pre Sales, Post Sales

Available For

Full Time Employment

Office Location

Remote, Hybrid

Work Experience

Operating Systems

Windows 10, Windows 11, IGEL 11, IGEL 12, Dell Wyse Thin OS

Citrix Products

CVAD LTSR On Prem, CVAD Citrix Cloud, Citrix PVS, Citrix MCS, Citrix App Layering, Citrix Endpoint Management, Citrix Remote Based Isolation (Secure Browser), Citrix SPA, Autoscale, Advanced Monitoring, Analytics for Security, Analytics for Performance

VMware Products


Microsoft Products

Microsoft Azure MFA, Microsoft Group Policy, Microsoft Teams Enhancements Web Based

Hyperscale’s & Hypervisors

VMware ESXi, Citrix Hypervisor, Microsoft Hyper-V, AWS, Azure

Vendor Integration

Imprivata Single Sign-on, OKTA MFA / SSO, Ping MFA / SSO, ControlUP, IGEL

NetScaler (ADC)

L4 Load Balancing, L7 content switching, GSLB, Clustering, Client & Server TCP Optimizations, AppCache, IP reputation, nFactor Auth, SSL forward Proxy, SSL VPN remote access, ICA Proxy for CVAD, Citrix CVAD Integration, Secure Private Access

Citrix & Netscaler Certification


Microsoft Certification

VMware Certs

Scripting Coding Languages

Powershell, PHP

Work Experience(s)

Customer facing role, Sales Engineer – Closing, Post Sales – Professional Services, Community/Evangalist, Trusted Advisor

Full Time Salary with Benefits or Hourly without Benefits

$200k – $220k, $240k – 260k